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Unless noted otherwise, all programs are written in the Euphoria Programming Language, are completely free, without time limit, and include full open source. Some specific copyright restrictions may apply. Questions and comments about any program should be emailed directly to the author, or posted on OpenEuphoria Forum. Most files are in .zip format. 7-Zip is a good, free zip/unzip program.

GEN wxEditor 3682KJean-Marc DURO Nov 14/14   click here to update this entry
Greg Haberek's wxEditor v0.2 updated with wxEuphoria 0.16 for Euphoria 4 and up. Tested on Windows x64 and Linux x64.
GEN Stable Sort routines 22KMike Nov 11/14   click here to update this entry
A general purpose sort routine module suitable as a drop-in replacement for the original Euphoria sort routines. The sorting principle is based on Merge Sort rather than Shell Sort so that the sorting is always stable. Also, sorting may be done by column(s). All bug reports Welcome.
GEN Evaluate math expressions v1.0.0 17KShian Lee Nov 8/14   click here to update this entry
math eval() evaluates a string as though it were a math expression, e.g. "a+b/2", i.e. parses and calculates complex math expressions. Supports functions, operators, constants, variables and Euphoria 4.1 syntax. Includes standard user manual and 'Expression Calculator' demo program.
WIN Win32Lib Restructured 1882KJean-Marc DURO Nov 2/14   click here to update this entry
Win32Lib restructured for OpenEuphoria 4 and up, with only 5 include files instead of 37 and no cross call between include files to improve maintainability and avoid namespace annoyances. Fully compatible with official Win32Lib 0.70.20. Examples have been updated. Next step is to replace global routines by public routines. Release 2: removed unused functions, cleaned the code. See changes.log.
WIN Common libraries modified to avoid namespace errors 1856KJean-Marc DURO Oct 18/14   click here to update this entry
Unofficial Win32Lib modified with new include statements to avoid namespace errors (routines declared twice or more) with Openeuphoria 4 and up. He also had to modify include statements in Eucom, EIcmplib and IPC to get it work with this modified version of Win32Lib. There is still a drawback to these changes: Tbrowse does not work anymore with the modified version of Eucom (one remaining error he couldn't find).
WIN Kakuro Trainer v1.8 343KJean-Marc DURO Oct 18/14   click here to update this entry
An enhanced version of Kakuro Trainer. Now you can fill only partial grids to start and complete them later if needed. Grid designer improved. For OpenEuphoria 4 and up.
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