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The Euphoria Micro-Economy   

Join the Euphoria Micro-Economy!
Each qualified member of the Euphoria community is encouraged to donate or "vote" $3.00 of symbolic happy face "money" per calendar month. He/She can contribute to any file (program) in the file archive (including Recent User Contributions), except his/her own. Historically, the dollars were used to reduce the cost of registering or upgrading to new releases of Euphoria, but since Euphoria became totally free, the "money" is just a way of identifying good user-contributed programs and other files. It's the number beside the "happy face" icon. There is no actual cash value in the real world.

To be qualified, i.e. eligible to vote, you must have:

  • registered Euphoria 2.5 or earlier (any release, any product), or,
  • donated an accepted file to the Archive, or,
  • posted 10 (non-spam) messages to EUforum, or,
  • donated money to RDS or any other Euphoria developer, for work related to Euphoria.

give contributors some feedback about the usefulness of programs/files that they develop
encourage more and better contributions
highlight particularly good contributions
Criteria for Voting
By voting "money" for a particular file (program), you are highlighting that program for other people to take notice of. You are also encouraging the author to maintain and improve that program.
We hope you will vote for programs, include files, and other files that you have found to be useful, well-documented, educational and of high quality. If you use an include file donated by someone else in one of your programs, we hope you will donate some money for that include file.
With each new calendar month you can vote $3.00 again, as you like. You can vote for the same program (file) again, or include some new ones, but we ask that you not vote for the same program more than 3 months in a row without a break.
If we see obvious cases where 2 people are voting the max for each other every month we will disallow it.
Your vote will be anonymous. Only you and RDS will know how you voted. RDS will not modify your vote in any way.
Since we are the administrators of the system, RDS will not vote money towards any program, and you should not vote any money towards a program contributed by RDS (or Rob or Junko).
Some Rules
all qualified users are encouraged to vote $3.00 each month. For your convenience, you can submit this form right now, or simply send us e-mail at your convenience.
any file on the Recent User Contributions or Archive pages is eligible for donations.
if you don't vote your $3.00 during a given calendar month, you lose it. You can't accumulate it over several months and then vote it all at once.
you are encouraged to divide up your $3.00 as you see fit. Donate it all for one program, or divide it up amongst several, but please don't pick more than 5 different programs at one time. example: For the month of June I vote:
- xxxx by author y: 1.80
- zzzz by author p: 0.75
- wwww by author p: 0.45
include your full name and approximate geographical location (city).
Special Awards
In addition to the symbolic $3/month system, it is also possible to earn special awards of real (cash) money. Private donors can direct RDS to make special awards. A donor might want to offer a reward for some code that he would like to have written, perhaps as part of a contest. A private donor can remain anonymous, or can have his/her name listed on the RDS site. These special awards are recorded separately (below). They are not added to the "happy-face" dollar value shown beside an Archive entry.

Recipient Amount Date Description Donor
C.K. Lester $50.00 Apr 2002 Best solution to problem #3 in contest Anonymous
Jason Mirwald $30.00 Apr 2002 Best solution to problem #2 in contest Anonymous
Aku $25.00 Apr 2002 Best solution to problem #1 in contest Anonymous
Pete Eberlein $27.00 Apr 2005 First place - Hashing/Searching contest Derek Parnell and others
Jiri Babor $16.00 Apr 2005 Second place - Hashing/Searching contest Derek Parnell and others
Pete Lomax $11.00 Apr 2005 Third place - Hashing/Searching contest Derek Parnell and others
Marco Achury $10.00 Jan 2006 Language War contest RDS
John Sas $10.00 Jan 2006 Language War contest RDS
Christian Cuvier $10.00 Jan 2006 Language War contest RDS
Juergen Luethje $50.00 Mar 2006 For his EuHTHelp program and his many other contributions to the Euphoria community Anonymous

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