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RDS Custom Programming

Do you have an application that you would like to see developed?

We provide Custom Programming and Consulting at reasonable rates.

Some things we're particularly good at:

  • Web-based (CGI) applications written in Euphoria or C. Especially, search engines, e-mail filters and autoresponders, programs that update an on-line (EDS) database, using cookies, passwords, graphical user interfaces with HTML forms etc.

    Check out some examples:

  • Porting Euphoria and C programs between Windows, Linux, DOS and FreeBSD.

  • E-commerce: Set up a website, advertise it with Google Adwords. Bring in extra revenue with Google Adsense. Also Yahoo advertising.

To enquire, please contact: r d s @ R a p i d E u p h o r i a . c o m

Rapid Deployment Software
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