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  • C.K. Lester has assembled lots of information on Euphoria programming. His excellent site includes an on-line book, an FAQ, news, a code library, CGI information and a lot more.

  • Jonas Temple has developed a database tool called FROG that uses Euphoria 3.0's new multitasking feature.

  • Vincent Howell has set up a Euphoria forum on Yahoo Groups. It has some features that aren't available with EUforum.

  • Derek Parnell has some older releases of Win32Lib on his site. See the Win32Lib project on SourceForge for a more up-to-date version.

  • Tom Janes of Northeastern Engineering has a site featuring his NEL_32 system for Euphoria users who wish to use the WIN32 API.

  • Jiri Babor has a site featuring the many Euphoria programs he has written over the past few years.

  • Antonio Alessi of Italy has used Euphoria and Win32Lib to develop a beautiful-looking user interface for his Hyphenator Pro program.

  • Greg Haberek has a simple web page for his programming projects.

  • Monty King provides a dedicated Euphoria chat room on his Euphoria page. You need a Java-enabled browser to chat.

  • John Bown has an informative Euphoria site.

  • Lewis Townsend created a new Euphoria page.

  • Patrick Quist has a Euphoria page for his QOS project.

  • Stab Master (Mic) has a Euphoria page containing his favorite Euphoria files and links, plus his own programs.

  • Ferlin Scarborough has a Euphoria page with an adventure engine and some other Euphoria projects.

  • Buddy Hyllberg has a page with some programs he has written.
  • Igor Kachan has a Russian site with the RapidEuphoria Web site and all the Euphoria documentation translated to Russian for easy download.

  • Judith Evans has a project on SourceForge with the latest version of her IDE for Win32Lib.

  • Chris Burch has a site dedicated to The SQLite database system for Euphoria.

  • David Cuny of California has set up a Euphoria Page with the latest releases of many of his GUI libraries and other programs. Several screen shots are included.

  • Doug Miller has a new Euphoria community site.

  • Michael Packard, of Lord Generic Productions has a site dedicated to the theory of making action games in Euphoria. Check out his Crash Course in Game Design and Production.

  • Michael Cripps has set up an interesting Euphoria page that features downloadable programs, text files, and graphics, as well as an online Euphoria chat facility where you can talk to other Euphoria programmers in real-time.

  • Eduardo Okada has a Dheos Dragon Soft Programming Page with some programs that he has developed and a RPG programming tutorial.

  • Pete King of Spectre Software has a Euphoria page with several downloads for games and graphics.

  • Tapani Talvitie has created a new Web site called Tapsa's Programming Corner.

  • Wes Hermanson has developed an impressive AI system called AI Trainer, as well as other free programs you can download. Click "Free Stuff".

  • Vildan Hasanbegovic and Adam Danielsson have developed a minimalist scripting language called Boxx that borrows some concepts and ideas from Euphoria. It was created as part of a university thesis.

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