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Unless noted otherwise, all programs are written in the Euphoria Programming Language, are completely free, without time limit, and include full open source. Some specific copyright restrictions may apply. Questions and comments about any program should be emailed directly to the author, or posted on OpenEuphoria Forum. Most files are in .zip format. 7-Zip is a good, free zip/unzip program.

WIN Mr 753KEric Randall Apr 27/16   click here to update this entry
A text editor exploiting the Windows GUI. Programs can be tested whilst editing continues.
GEN EuSQLite update 500KChris Burch updated Apr 19/16   click here to update this entry
Euphoria wrappers for SQLite, updated from Ray Smith's contribution. SQLite home page says it's faster than other databases. Apr 19: Duplicate entry. Files moved to app.box.com
GEN eu_number 38KJames Cook updated Apr 1/16   click here to update this entry
Contains digits with exponents include files. Does addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. eunumber.e uses an integer for the exponent and a sequence of base10 digits for the fraction. It can use scientific or engineering notation for I/O. Apr 1: It's freeware.
WIN Windows Telnet Client 328KJean-Marc DURO Mar 30/16   click here to update this entry
Euphoria 3.1 version of his Telnet Client with minimal VT100 emulation.
GEN English numbers 2KJames Cook updated Mar 25/16   click here to update this entry
English numbers allows someone to type in a number and read it in natural English language. For those who cannot count up to one quadrillion. It is important that everyone should know how to count in English. Mar 25: include number.e, example: number.ex
LNX WEE Editor v0.47 modified 4354KKenneth Rhodes updated Mar 12/16   click here to update this entry
Extended context sensitive help for GTK widgets (thanks to Irv Mullins) and euphoria keywords - If html help is not available, the view_declaration routine is called automatically. Much improved Backup with timestamp routine options for current file, directory, or project list. Run Glade from Run menu. Irv Mullins' Getting Started with Glade html help tutorial available from Help menu. Several files have been renamed with the prefix "x" (ex:"xwee.exw", ".xwee_conf") so your official wee installation will not be overwritten. GTK/Glade help files are included. Simply Unzip the xwee.tar.bz2 archive into Home directory. Mar 12: Updated with Pete Eberlein's WEE v0.47 bug fix for "loop...until" case statements.
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