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Unless noted otherwise, all programs are written in the Euphoria Programming Language, are completely free, without time limit, and include full open source. Some specific copyright restrictions may apply. Questions and comments about any program should be emailed directly to the author, or posted on OpenEuphoria Forum. Most files are in .zip format. 7-Zip is a good, free zip/unzip program.

GEN eu_number 9KJames Cook updated Jun 28/16   click here to update this entry
Contains digits with exponents include files. It can add, subtract, multiply, divide. Multiplicative inverse (1/x) uses a guess and iterations. It uses an integer for the exponent and a sequence of base "radix" digits for the fraction. Configurable I/O. It can do big number (bignum) arithmetic. Jun 28: expanded neg_carry function. fixed error.
WIN Full Screen Clock For The Holidays 1313Kllamedoso Jun 24/16   click here to update this entry
Full screen clock displaying both local time and UK time, useful when on holiday.
GEN EuIup 287KAndy P. updated Jun 13/16   click here to update this entry
EuIup is a wrapper of the Iup software. All functions have been wrapped. EuIup wraps the current version of Iup. EuIup allows you to make cross-platform GUI programs. Jun 13: Changed code to allow it to be cross-platform without changing code.
GEN Eduardo's Event System 3Kaceduardo Jun 7/16   click here to update this entry
A simple and good event handling lib. Accompanies a very little and simple list management lib.
WIN EuPortable Installer 24000KAndreas Wagner Jun 5/16   click here to update this entry
Installer for EuPortable, contains WEE 0.47, Open Watcom 1.9 (subset), OpenEuphoria 4.0.6. Installer does not write to the registry nor does it change any Path or file association.
WIN EuGLFW3 40KAndy P. updated Jun 2/16   click here to update this entry
EuGLFW3 is a wrapper for the GLFW3 library. All functions are wrapped. Includes two example programs. Jun 2: Updated for GLFW 3.2.0
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