Guide to Documentation Files

The Euphoria documentation is spread over several plain text files in the euphoria\doc directory. For each .doc file in the euphoria\doc directory, there is a corresponding .htm file in the euphoria\html directory. You can also type guru to quickly search for relevant information from all directories under \euphoria.

Everyone should start with euphoria\readme.doc (euphoria\readme.htm).

If you are having trouble installing Euphoria read:

install.doc - Instructions for installing Euphoria

Read the following files first, if you want to learn to program in Euphoria:

refman.doc - The manual for the Euphoria core language
library.doc - Documentation for all of the Euphoria library routines
what2do.doc - Some things you can do to get started with Euphoria
platform.doc - A discussion of the differences between the four platforms that Euphoria runs on, i.e. DOS32 (ex.exe) vs. WIN32 (exw.exe) vs. Linux (exu) vs. FreeBSD (exu). Also included is a discussion of how to interface Euphoria programs with C libraries.

The rest of the files can be read any time, as needed:

database.doc - The Euphoria Database System (EDS)
e2c.doc - The Euphoria To C Translator
tasking.doc - Multitasking in Euphoria
ed.doc - Documentation for the standard Euphoria editor, ed
trouble.doc - A list of the most common problems and their solutions
bind.doc - Describes bind.bat and shroud.bat options for binding and shrouding
perform.doc - Performance tips
relnotes.doc - A description of what's new in the current release and a summary of previous releases of Euphoria
cgi.doc - Web-based Programming using CGI and Euphoria
c.doc - Propaganda aimed at C/C++ programmers

Most subdirectories under \euphoria have a .doc file that describes the files in that subdirectory.