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DOS Convert To Unicode 171KIgor Kachan Aug 4/03 this program has happy users! 10.00 click here to update this entry
Windows code page mapping for the TrueType Font program by Colin Taylor (below). Demo included (uses 1024x768 DOS graphics). Aug 4: Added new demo -- ttshow.ex to see all glyphs of given TTF font. Works on Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts with more than 22000 characters.
GEN sort_order lib 1KIgor Kachan Jul 8/17   click here to update this entry
There are too many discussion about true names for the sort functions constants. Just his $0.02.
GEN Russian docs for EU3.1.1 218KIgor Kachan May 11/16   click here to update this entry
The complete HTML docs in Russian to learn EU3.1.1 off-line.
GEN Russian EU SDL 979KIgor Kachan May 18/06 this program has happy users! 3.00 click here to update this entry
Euphoria SDL wrappers and demos by Mark Akita, adapted for an international (mainly Russian) user. Works on Windows XP and on Linux Mandriva 10.2 without any additional adjustment. May 18: Total optimisation of the demo-programs - no poke(), no peek(), no allocate(), no free() - common size of all demos redused from 99187 bytes to 68876 bytes, some demos take about 50% of an old version space. Bugs fixed, demo added.
WIN toRU 291KWolfgang Fritz / Igor Kachan Sep 8/09 this program has happy users! 0.80 click here to update this entry
An expanded English to Russian ( Cyrillic ) dictionary for computer programmers, based on the 'Multilingual' contribution. Includes EXE, source code, and Borland bilingual demo. Sep 8: expanded vocabulary
GEN Bilingual Euphoria 2.5 821KIgor Kachan, Robert Craig Jun 15/05 this program has happy users! 3.00 click here to update this entry
Bilingual (English & Russian) Euphoria 2.5 Interpreters and set of the standard RDS libraries. Manual of EU 2.5 in Russian. Allows you to write Euphoria programs as 100% English or as 100% Russian or as any mix of two languages. The E2C Translator, Binder and translation to 100% standard Euphoria are supported. Interpreter has unlimited alphabet for the names. Jun 15: Added the exw_r.exe interpreter, support for translation from English to Russian. Tested with Russian versions of Win32Lib.ew and IDE.exw. Known bugs fixed. Beta version.
GEN Euphoria 3.1 Reference Manual in Russian 154KIgor Kachan Dec 24/11   click here to update this entry
Euphoria Programming Language version 3.1 Reference Manual in Russian. You can see these documents on-line in Russian section of the RDS site. Use 7z for unpacking.
WIN Win32 Engine_R 528KIgor Kachan Sep 14/04 this program has happy users! 2.00 click here to update this entry
Bernie Ryan's w32engin.ew v7.20 with separate definitions of Windows API constants and functions - new libs constant.e and c_routin.e. Handier for some kinds of work. A low-level style of Win32 programming. Sep 14: The draft documentation on c_routin.e was added.
DOS National patcher for the OW compiled programs 18KIgor Kachan Mar 28/07 this program has happy users! 0.70 click here to update this entry
This patcher replaces the standard Open Watcom fonts for the pixel graphics screen modes with national ones in the noncompressed compiled programs, for example, in ex.exe and in a specially recompiled backend.exe of EU 3.0.2.
DOS The Draw() function 6KIgor Kachan Apr 18/07 this program has happy users! 0.60 click here to update this entry
This function is almost the same as the one in BASIC, but is better in many ways. Demo included. Apr 18: The 'A' and 'TA' commands and new demo added. Beta version.
GEN A set of EU logos 1924KIgor Kachan Oct 10/09   click here to update this entry
A set of EUPHORIA logos and icons. Based on new 'eu' letter. Feel free to use them for your Open Euphoria works and sites as you wish. Packed by 7z. Oct 10: Added new logos.
GEN Windows and X icons for the Open EU files 3KIgor Kachan Sep 10/09   click here to update this entry
A set of .ico and .xpm icons for use with the Open Euphoria files. Based on the project of OEu logo. Packed by 7zip archiver.
WIN Bilingual EU 2.5 syntax file for the AkelPad editor 4KIgor Kachan Nov 27/08   click here to update this entry
This is the syntax coloring file for the free open source AkelPad editor - small and fast. Visit english page or russian page. The package is in 7-zip format.
WIN Bilingual EU 2.5 Syntax file for the HippoEDIT 4KIgor Kachan Nov 29/08   click here to update this entry
The Euphoria syntax definition file for the HippoEDIT editor, 1.4 beta version for NT, XP, Vista (Unicode) - free automatic registration for xUSSR. Visit the editor site.
WIN The SciTE-RU Editor for Bilingual EU 2.5 446KIgor Kachan Nov 12/08   click here to update this entry
This editor is recompiled with the VC Russian build of SciTE editor, Revision 850. It works with Igor's bilingual EU 2.5. Right click on the link and take the "Save linked content as..." option to download the 7z file. Pre-alpha version. Readme.txt is in Russian (just for the first time).
DOS Polyglot Editor 398KIgor Kachan Jul 17/02 this program has happy users! 1.25 click here to update this entry
A graphics-mode editor that supports many different languages. A large number of fonts are included. Jul 17: now supports Japanese, Chinese (Taiwan and PRC), and Korean characters
DOS Kolibri OS and Euphoria for DOS 3303KIgor Kachan Oct 15/07   click here to update this entry
These are bilingual (English/Russian) HTML instructions with illustrations - how to set up the Kilibri OS and run on it DOS32 Euphoria using DOSBox, ported to the Kolibri platform.
GEN Unlimited Alphabet Interpreter 738KIgor Kachan Oct 5/02 this program has happy users! 1.00 click here to update this entry
A program that can generate 21 different versions of the ex.exe interpreter. Each version supports a different international code page for output to the screen in graphics modes. These interpreters are built using the publicly-available Euphoria Interpreter Source Code, and WATCOM C for DOS. His interpreters allow identifiers with ASCII characters 128-255. This is useful for many (non-English) languages. He has also included versions of exw.exe and exu (Linux/FreeBSD) with 128-255 support. Oct 5: exw.exe replaced by one built with Borland
GEN Recode Russian Text 2KIgor Kachan Mar 16/07   click here to update this entry
A program that converts Russian text files from one code page to another. Should work with code pages on all platforms. Mar 16: Updated for EU 3.0.2
GEN Set of new EU icons 9KIgor Kachan Mar 16/07   click here to update this entry
This package contains a set of Windows icons for use with the different Euphoria files. Also included are sample .bmp pictures for constructing new possible variants. All icons generated with the XPMmer editor by Andy Drummond. Feel free to edit all this stuff as you like.
GEN The case_xx() function 1KIgor Kachan Mar 18/07   click here to update this entry
A function to convert texts in different languages and code pages to upper or lower case. Just add your alphabet. Mar 18: Common improvements, added example on concatenation of two alphabets.
WIN EU syntax coloring for FAR, N++ and PSP 11KIgor Kachan Mar 12/07   click here to update this entry
This package contains the Euphoria syntax coloring files for the built in editor of the FAR file manager and for the popular programmer editors - Notepad++ and PSPad. FAR can work with the bilingual Euphoria code. Mar 12: Added the syntax ini file for the PSPad editor.
GEN International fonts 330KIgor Kachan May 1/06   click here to update this entry
All fonts of this package are in Jiri Babor's format and may be used with Jiri's DOS32 programs and with SDL programs by Mark Akita on WIN32 and Linux platforms. May 1: Fixed bug in one glyph of cp866.j16 font.
DOS The Localized Interpreters & Backends 955KIgor Kachan, Robert Craig Apr 19/05   click here to update this entry
A tool for replacing the standard Watcom fonts to national fonts for graphics modes in the official RDS DOS32 interpreter, backend, and in user programs translated with the E2C translator. 21 code pages are supported. Alpha version for official Euphoria v.2.5.
GEN Bilingual Toolkit 829KIgor Kachan Sep 13/04   click here to update this entry
A toolkit, including a modified ed editor rewritten in Russian, that fully supports the use of Russian and English with the unlimited alphabet Euphoria interpreters for DOS and Windows. You can write your EU programs in Russian with just about 25 English words or in pure English, or in any mix as well. EtoC translator and binder are supported. You can switch the language of diagnostics and turn on/off syntax coloring in the current window. The syntax coloring dictionary has 11049 words for the bilingual RDS libs (included), Win32Lib v060.05 and w32engin v7.20. Sep 13: New color words for Win32Lib v060.05 added, red.exe excluded to free space for future improvements.
GEN Unlimited Alphabet and Russian Diagnostics 704KIgor Kachan Oct 5/02   click here to update this entry
ex.exe, exw.exe, and exu (Linux/FreeBSD) with Russian error messages, fonts and ex.err dumps. Igor went through the entire Euphoria interpreter source code and changed all the English messages to Russian. Interpreters for all 4 platforms are included. Allows identifiers with unlimited alphabet 128-255. This is very useful in Russian. Oct 5: exw.exe replaced by one built with Borland
GEN Euphoria Messages in English and Russian 13KIgor Kachan Sep 26/02   click here to update this entry
The complete set of error messages and other messages that the Euphoria interpreter produces, in both Russian and English. If you have the Euphoria interpreter source code, you can use these files plus Igor's slightly modified Euphoria source files, to build a Russian version of the interpreter, or even better, translate the messages into your own language. Sep 26: fixed one bug, added a message for FreeBSD
DOS CauseWay Manual 144KIgor Kachan May 12/02   click here to update this entry
This is the manual for the CauseWay DOS extender used by the ex.exe interpreter, and by Euphoria programs that are translated to C and compiled by Watcom. CauseWay is open source and free. Igor collected all the CauseWay manual pages from Michael Devore's Web site.
GEN Euphoria Documentation in Russian 248KIgor Kachan Apr 23/02   click here to update this entry
A complete translation of the Euphoria 2.3 language documentation into Russian. Choose from: code page for Windows, code page for DOS, or code page for Linux. Apr 23: updated for the FreeBSD release
GEN Archive Database in Russian 222KIgor Kachan Feb 5/02   click here to update this entry
Tools that convert the Archive database, plus Russian HTML files, into a Russian version of the database. Run htm2edbr.ex, then run dumpdosr.ex or dumpwinr.ex to view the contents of the Russian database. You'll also create plain text versions of the Russian HTML files.
DOS Fast Print in Mode 18 5KIgor Kachan Aug 8/01   click here to update this entry
Routines for very fast printing of text in mode 18. Part of his Polygot project. (see also putsxy.zip by Jiri Babor and David Gay). Aug 8: His benchmark shows his method to be almost 20x faster than putsxy() when interpreted, and 30x faster when both are translated/compiled by WATCOM.
DOS Fancy Mouse Pointers in SVGA 13KIgor Kachan Jan 18/01   click here to update this entry
Routines for using a mouse in SVGA. Depending on your graphics card, you might have to call use_vesa(1). See also the SVGA mouse routines of Jiri Babor and Pete Eberlein in the Archive. Jan 18: tests for usable DOS mouse driver
DOS Push Buttons 18KHayden McKay Nov 29/03   click here to update this entry
A push button library with 5 shadow types, double border or single border, stay down or spring back buttons and two different ways to link buttons. Demo and complete readme included. Nov 29: putsxy() syntax is now mended for mode 18, thanks to Igor Kachan. All the running gear is now included. putsxy.e and might.e


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