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DOS Enhanced dir() Function 2KFrancis Bussiere May 30/97   click here to update this entry
a very useful routine. It's a compatible replacement for Euphoria's dir() function, that also gives you the long filename and some other information for each file in the directory.
DOS DOS Long Filenames 16KJuergen Luethje Aug 8/05 this program has happy users! 7.00 click here to update this entry
This code extends Euphoria's support of DOS long filenames to include current_dir(), chdir(), dir(), and file creation with open(). He also has routines to convert between long and short filenames. You are encouraged to test this code on various versions of DOS. If it looks solid, it will likely be built into future versions of Euphoria for DOS. Aug 8: added explicit license
DOS The Hilley Collection 100KLucius L. Hilley III May 21/99   click here to update this entry
several useful routines such as: enhanced dir(), flexible bucket sort and others. The link takes you to his site.
DOS Log Changes to a Directory 8KRod Damon Feb 25/99   click here to update this entry
a modification of a program by Joseph Martin. Rod's version keeps track of files that have been added, deleted, or changed in a directory (and its subdirectories). It might be useful when you install an upgrade, or try to keep your work and home computers in sync. See also Joseph's original in the Archive.


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